Pine Bush UFO Fair
Saturday, May 18, 201910am – 4pm
Main Street, Pine Bush , NY 12566

DISCLAIMER: This is not your average street fair!

We are perhaps best known for the fantastic Cosplay Characters and Aliens of all shapes and sizes in attendance! Come to watch, OR JOIN in with the electric cast of characters as they take over town. The celebration includes all-day live music, kid’s activities and games, a great variety of food art and craft, and entertainment vendors. You’ll also ‘encounter’ UFO novelties, other-worldly beings walking about, pop-up street performances and interactive games too! Many of our local businesses and restaurants get in on the fun, offering themed specials.

In addition, we invite you to enjoy the interactive events & walk-thru attractions:

  • UFO Museum & Paranormal Center: An impressive interactive walk-through experience, and a VERY special photo op!
  • Family-Friendly Game Show: YOU BET YOUR ASTEROID!’ Hosted at various times through the day by an Alien host and co-host! Sit in the audience and you may get picked to play! Answer silly questions by buzzing in first! Prizes!
  • ‘Mini-Martian Alien Beauty Pageant’ YOUTH Ages 5 – 17 Have fun and dress up as your favorite Alien or Character!! Easy to enter onsite. Participation prizes for all.
  • Cosplay/Alien Beauty Pageant’ For Ages 18+ Attention cosplay, and alien fans! Every participant has their ‘moment’ on the runway! Participants must register, watch website for forms. $500.00 prize to the winner! All Pageant participants are invited to take part in the Official mid-day ‘ALIEN STROLL’ down Main Street
  • ALIEN STROLL (Main Street) Come to watch or take part a mid-day organized stroll down Main Street that celebrates and recognizes everyone who dressed up for the event! The stroll is led by the Town Police Department and the street clears for the stroll to go by. Crowds line the street to watch. Wave to fans as you pass by! Be your own crazy self and have fun. A Great photo op!
  • FAIR-DAY SPEAKER PRESENTATIONS: The Fair-Day Speaker Tent’ will host local, notable paranormal speakers and authors as they discuss Pine Bush, its UFO History and beyond. Curious? Sit in and listen.
  • Free. EYE-SPY AN ALIEN: (Throughout Pine Bush) Don’t forget to play, because- as always- Aliens are hiding all over town! There is something for everyone; from fun-loving skeptics, to the most serious sky-watching enthusiasts.

Hope to see you there! For more info on all events, please & ‘Pine Bush UFO Fair’ on Facebook.


THE EVENING SPEAKER CONFERENCE We are also hosting a separate ‘Speaker-Conference Event’ following the Fair at the Town of Crawford Government Center. Watch the website for times, details and a list of speakers who have been booked this year. It’s a great line up!