After-Fair Events

Pine Bush UFO Speaker Conference

Each year, following the UFO Fair Event in Pine Bush, N. Y., the Town of Crawford hosts a UFO Conference where internationally renowned speakers present on the subject of various UFO and Paranormal topics. Details for this year:

Hosted by Town of Crawford
$10.00 Entrance. Limited to first 125 arrivals.
Saturday, June 9th, 2018
Government Center
121 State Route 302 Pine Bush, N.Y. 12566
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The event will be MC’d by guest speaker; Cheryl Costa

5:00 pm   Thom Reed ‘Inside the ‘UFO Monument Park’; Site of the first historically sanctioned UFO encounter in the US’
6:00 pm   Cheryl Costa ‘UFO Hotspots in New York State’
7:00 pm   Rosemary Ellen Guiley ‘ET Contact Experiences and Transformation of Consciousness’
8:00 pm   Marc D’Antonio ‘Exoplanets and Alien Life’


Thom Reed

Presentation Topic:

Inside The: “UFO Monument Park” The Official Site of the First Historically True UFO Encounter in the U.S.

Visit Thom Reed’s Website Here
Visit Thom Reed’s IMDB Page Here

The Reed UFO Incident made headlines in 2015 when it became the Nation’s first UFO encounter to be officially inducted into the archives of the United States, as “Historically Significant and True”. With its admission and State Citations by Massachusetts Governor, Charles D. Barker, Lieutenant Governor Karyn E. Polito, and the Massachusetts Historical Society. Following this first of a kind entry into State’s antiquity, a 5000 pound commemorative Monument was unveiled. The induction and the unveiling of the UFO Monument graced the front page of the Boston Globe and was covered live by ABC News NY. Judge Kevin W. Titus of the 30th district court later signed and sealed the records by Governor Charles D. Baker and the Historical Society, declaring them uncontested lawful documents. With the generous sponsorship of the International UFO Museum in Roswell, the grounds nearing the monument were expanded in 2017, to include benches and solar lights. The “UFO Monument”, brandishing its State seal and a Governors Citation, is a powerful symbol of progress and modern day history. Please note that the “UFO Monument Park” is located at the exact location of the 1969 Labor Day incident.

Thom, now retired, was the founder of the International Model & Artist Group, Miami Models South Beach. His late father Dr. Howard Reed was an Attorney, College professor and in Public Office. His grandmother was the governess for William Roosevelt the grandson of President Roosevelt in Cherry Hills Colorado, with residence on the property.

The Incident has been the subject of several programs and documentaries, as well as the S1-E1 launch of Discovery Channels “Alien Mysteries”. Reed has been featured on Good Morning Canada, Inner Space, Paranormal Paparazzi, Uncovering Aliens, and New England Legends.


Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Presentation Topic:

‘ET Contact Experiences and Transformation of Consciousness’

New data from ET experiencers reveals that contact with alien lifeforms and presences initiates significant positive and transformative changes. The changes include kundalini awakenings, the onset of psychic and healing abilities, and an expansion of consciousness that includes increasing awareness of otherworldly realities. What are the implications of this new “Trans dimensional Earth,” and why are alien beings participating in it?


Marc D ‘Antonio

Presentation Topic:

Exoplanets and Alien Life

This talk looks at the plethora of exoplanets discovered by researchers and pursues the questions fundamental to our understanding of life elsewhere in the Universe. We examine the methods and conditions that allowed life to arise on Earth and we extrapolate what happened here on Earth to the Universe at large, and consider what it would take for life, intelligent life, to arise on an alien world. Then to understand how life may develop out there, we look at how it developed here using a rather unique approach that involves audience participation. One thing is for sure: The audience will never forget THIS talk about life in the Universe


Cheryl Costa

Presentation Topic:


Cheryl Costa is an upstate New York resident and a NY native, who saw her first UFO at age twelve. She’s a veteran of two military services: Air Force and the Navy. She’s a retired Information Security professional from the Aerospace Industry. Cheryl writes the wildly popular UFO column “New York Skies” for She’s been a speaker at the International UFO Congress IUFOC and at the MUFON Symposium. She was named “Researcher of the Year” at the 2018 International UFO Congress.

CE-5 Sky Watch


Town Park, Pine Bush NY

Use Alice Court Entrance

9:30 pm – 11:00 pm

*Close Encounters of the 5th Kind

The Pine Bush area of Orange County, NY is very well known for its reputation as a hot-spot for UFO sightings and paranormal activity.

Join The Bronxville Paranormal Society as they host a ‘CE-5 Sky Watch’, during which they will attempt to make actual contact with extraterrestrials.

We are told  that this experiment has been attempted three times before, and EACH TIME, there has been some type of contact made.

Interested? Curious? We are too. Bring your cameras and binoculars.

Open to the public. No charge to enter, donations gratefully accepted